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Our Outreach Process

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Step 1: Create

Create a free account or log in.

Then, follow the steps to create your advertisement.

Step 2: Publish

All advertisements you create will be published in our approved journal.

Revise or delete your advertisement anytime!

Step 3: Results

For Ad Only advertisements, you can print a proof of publication for your records!

For Outreach advertisements, we provide the following documents before your bid date:

  1. Proof of Publication
  2. Outreach Proof
  3. Outreach Final Report
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Good Faith Features

Approved Journal

BidAmerica’s GFE Outreach is a California approved online trade and focus publication journal.

Easily Create Ads

Creating an advertisement is much more simple and intuitive. In just six short steps, you will have an ad published and public!

Outreach Done For You

Let us handle the outreach tasks such as emailing and calling! Choose one of our outreach plans when creating an advertisement and we will submit a full report back to you when the outreach is done.

Ad Management

Both draft or published advertisements can be simply managed in your account. Edit, delete, or publish new advertisements in an easy to see dashboard.

View Invoices

Access your past invoices through your account. Either print or download each invoice and keep record.

Get Started

Creating an account is easy and free! Start by completing three steps:
1) Create your account login.
2) Verify your email.
3) Add your company details.

What our customers say:

"GFE Outreach has the reliable systems we were looking for. They pull through when it matters, easy to use, and up-to-date with federal requirements. Highly recommended."
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