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Advertisement Pricing

Post a Good Faith Advertisement for $35  (or)  Post Unlimited Advertisements for only $59 / month!


1x Advertisement
$ 35 per advertisement
  • Publication in our Approved Journal
  • Manage/Edit "My Advertisements"
  • Proof of Advertisement
  • Free Access to Subcontract Opportunities



Our Flagship Subscription
$ 59 per month
  • Unlimited Advertisements
  • Publications in our Approved Journal
  • Manage/Edit "My Advertisements"
  • Proof of Advertisements
  • Free Access to Subcontract Opportunities
  • Cancel Anytime

Complete Outreach Pricing

Need a “Done-For-You” Complete Outreach on this project?  Choose from our outreach options below!


Ad + Email
$ 98 per project
  • Publication in our Approved Journal
  • Manage/Edit "My Advertisements"
  • Proof of Advertisement
  • Free Access to Subcontract Opportunities
  • DBE Email Outreach
  • Outreach Performance Logs & Report

Outreach Plus +

Ad + Email + Phone
$ 198 per project
  • Publication in our Approved Journal
  • Manage/Edit "My Advertisements"
  • Proof of Advertisement
  • Free Access to Subcontract Opportunities
  • DBE Email Outreach
  • DBE Phone Call (1st)
  • DBE Phone Call (2nd)
  • Outreach Performance Logs & Report

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

BidAmerica was established in 1995 and recognized as one of California’s first online planrooms, providing essential services to the construction industry. One service, GFE Outreach, was launched in 2021 which helps general contractors meet DBE goals for public works projects. It has quickly become the go-to source for connecting contractors with DBE subcontractors through our approved Trade and Focus publication.

For our General contractors, we provide a range of services to help meet DBE goals, including advertisement placement to reach DBE subcontractors, targeted email campaigns, and personalized phone outreach. These services ensure that contractors can effectively connect with the right DBE subcontractors for their projects.

Certified subcontractors and suppliers can access our publication journal to find projects to bid on and opportunities at no cost. There is no subscription, fee, or account required to sign up, making it easy for DBE subcontractors to stay informed about available projects and opportunities.

For government agencies, our services are invaluable for bridging the gap between upcoming projects, DBE subcontractors, and general contractors throughout the entire bidding process. We help ensure a seamless and effective outreach effort, facilitating better communication and collaboration among all parties involved.

Getting started with our platform is simple and straightforward:

  1. Create an Account:
    • Sign up using your email and password.
    • Verify your email address through the link we send you.
  2. Complete Your Profile:
    • Fill out the form with your company and contact information.
  3. Create Your First Advertisement:
    • Choose between subscribing for unlimited advertisements or selecting a single ad or one of our outreach plans.
    • Enter the project details and select the DBE contractors you want to market to.
    • Review your information to ensure accuracy.
  4. Publish Your Ad:
    • Once everything is set, publish your ad and start reaching out to DBE contractors.

Our platform is designed to make the process as smooth as possible, allowing you to focus on what you do best while we handle the details of your Good Faith Effort Advertisements.

We offer a range of packages tailored to meet the needs of contractors looking to advertise:

  1. Advertisement Only Packages:

    • Pay Per Advertisement: Ideal for contractors who need to publish ads occasionally.

    • Unlimited Ads Subscription: Perfect for those who need to publish multiple ads regularly, offering unlimited ad postings for a flat monthly fee.

  2. Outreach Packages:

    • Do-It-For-You Solution: Our team handles the entire outreach process. We will email and call the relevant DBEs and provide comprehensive reports to submit to agencies, demonstrating that good faith effort requirements have been met. This package ensures that you can focus on your core activities while we handle the compliance aspects.

Our flexible options ensure you can choose the package that best suits your advertising and outreach needs, making the process seamless and efficient.

Your Good Faith Effort Advertisements are published online immediately upon submittal. There’s no waiting period involved, unlike printed publications. This ensures that your outreach efforts are swift and effective, reaching the right audience without delay.

Absolutely! You have full control over your advertisement through your My Account dashboard. You can edit or delete your advertisement at any time, free of charge. This flexibility ensures that you can make updates or remove your advertisement as needed, giving you complete control over your outreach efforts.

Your advertisement will stay active in our online publication journal until the project bid date. After the bid date, it will remain in our journal for an additional year. This extended visibility helps maintain your outreach efforts during the crucial bidding period, and ensures that your advertisement continues to reach potential partners and subcontractors effectively.

Our platform allows contractors to easily publish Good Faith Effort Advertisements from any state across the U.S. for any project. We support comprehensive “do it for you” email and phone outreach in any state where there is a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) list, ensuring you can connect with the necessary entities to meet your good faith effort requirements seamlessly and efficiently.

Our platform is not just for contractors but also an invaluable resource for government agencies. We have tools available to communicate crucial information to DBE contractors, including news updates, upcoming events, and changes to their DBE programs.